Classes and Workshops

 Keeping it Real- The realities of breastfeeding £50 per Pregnant Mum £65 Per couple

Keeping it Real is an antenatal prep breastfeeding class. Helps you learn how to get to grips with Breastfeeding and how it all works? If this is your first baby or you tried last time but it didn’t work, then this is the course for you. Breastfeeding is the physiological norm for nourishing your baby and so much more, but that doesn't mean it is easy. It is a skill you and your baby will learn together and this class will help you along the way. We will talk breastfeeding, warts and all, enable you to gain an understanding of why things might not run smoothly, the challenges, how to know when intervention may be needed but really understand when it is not necessary. This class will compliment any antenatal birth preparation you have had.

Mindful Breastfeeding Workshop: 2 hours £45

This has been derived from the Mindful Breastfeeding School, developed by Anna Le Grange IBCLC, where I qualified as a practitioner in November 2018.

This workshop will take you through a basic theory of relaxation and mindfulness in breastfeeding. Then we will go through some breathing exercises that can be used at any time when you just need to take a few seconds out and “reboot” and a few relaxation meditations that will equip you with a method of complete relaxation with or without your baby.  It will be suitable for both pregnant and postnatal mums, newborn or non-mobile babies can come along too. If you use a sling, please bring it for the relaxation.  The workshop will be accompanied by a workbook and an MP3 of the relaxation scripts will be sent to you for you to download and use at home.

Mindful Breastfeeding Relaxation Session £15

This session is ideal for those who have attended the Mindful Breastfeeding Workshop and just want a group setting to join other mums to relax and unwind and reconnect with themselves, their bump or their baby. Babes in arms are welcome or you could use this as a bit of “me time” because the session will last less than an hour.

Back to Life, Back to Reality Workshop – 2 hr £45 

For those working mothers among you who will need guidance through the turmoil of emotions, planning, expressing breastmilk and so much more when all you may want to do is stay home with your gorgeous baby/ies. The aim of the workshop is to help you prepare for your Return to Work, whether you are exclusively breastfeeding, partially or looking to cease we will help. Topics; Your Rights, Flexible Working, Workplace Prep, Expressing, Pumping, Childcare, Separation Anxiety and Relaxation. You will receive a workbook that you can complete during workshop and you will be equipped to build your own back to work transition plan. At the end we do a relaxation and you will receive a download of the script, so you can use it at home, for those times when you get home and you need a few minutes downtime or reconnection with your baby and/or child/ren.

Back to Life Back to Reality Bespoke Plan - £120

This is a tailored package where I will develop a bespoke plan for you to aid your transition back to work and the through the turmoil of emotions, planning expressing breastmilk and so much more.  This will include a 45 minute video call where we will talk through your situation and needs.  I will then put together a plan and some relaxation scripts that you may find useful. I will be available for phone or text support and will arrange a follow up video to see how you are getting along. You will have the choice of a hard copy and/or electronic copy of your plan.

Three Step Rewind Process Support Package – 3 sessions over 3 weeks £180

This is a technique using deep relaxation and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) theory to teach you a process of how to deal with the memories of a traumatic period or event and how they manifest in the present.  Particularly focusing around conception, pregnancy, birth or infant feeding trauma, that you or your partner may have experienced.  You may want to work with how you feel about your birth or how you were unable to reach your breastfeeding goals.  There may have been other reasons you did not breastfeed but wished you had and this has caused you to become traumatised, anxious, resentful, angry, depressed.  As a certified practitioner I will take you through the 3 Step Rewind Process to help you retrain your brain to deal with the thoughts and triggers and enable enables you to visualise how you would like your future self to react to the memories of what has happened.  This package consists of 3 sessions, all about 1 hour, however this may vary.  I will visit your home or you can come to the Wellness centre I use in Milton Keynes.  (An extra charge of £1 per mile will be charged if you live further than 30 miles from MK13).







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